The demand for "XE - Extrusion ERP" spans across small to large extrusion factories and companies throughout India. Recognizing the challenge of being omnipresent, we've designed our partner program to help boost your reputation as a recommended "XE - Extrusion ERP" partner, leading to an expansion of your client base. We're excited to collaborate with you if:
  • You are an established reseller, distributor, or Value-Added Reseller (VAR) interested in integrating "XE - Extrusion ERP" into your offerings.
  • You are an equipment provider for extrusion companies aiming to grow your client base without increasing efforts or costs.
Program Opportunities and Benefits:
  • Expand your service portfolio and raise your company's visibility by being featured on the "XE - Extrusion ERP" website.
  • Access complimentary software for evaluation and training purposes.
  • Benefit from marketing assistance, exclusive pre-sales, and technical support.
  • Earn attractive commissions tied to sales volume.
  • Elevate customer satisfaction levels and attract more business opportunities.
  • Avail additional sales discounts to boost the return on investment from approved sales/marketing activities.
  • Secure exclusive "XE - Extrusion ERP" representation in a specific territory based on performance results(requires meeting annual sales quota).
Partner Pre-qualification:
  • Minimum of three years of business in a target territory.
  • Proven experience in reaching out to Extrusion Companies.
  • Basic understanding of the Extrusion market segment and accounting.
  • Availability of marketing tools and advertisement facilities.
  • Acceptance of general reseller agreement terms.
If you wish to become a Reseller for "XE - Extrusion ERP", kindly send an email to, providing details about your services and expertise for our consideration. Join us in shaping the future of Extrusion ERP!
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